Trip2taste Festival at Marbella Corfu

Marbella Corfu Hotel Ag. Ioannis Peristeron, Corfu, Greece

Marbella Corfu was happy to host its first “Trip2taste Festival” that took place at its premises from 13th to 15th June 2014. The festival was organized by Trip2taste and was a culinary adventure designed to delight food & wine enthusiasts!  In addition to the vast array of activities already on offer at Marbella Corfu, “Trip2taste Festival” offered to hotel guests & visitors a myriad of experiences to delight the senses including: specially designed menus with traditional and modern Greek dishes, Greek cooking [...]

Cheese & Wine night at Pyrna

Pyrna Kokkinara 43, Kifisia, Greece

When was the last time you tried something new? When was the last time you were thrilled to have participated in a wonderful food and wine experience? Marina Boutari, founder of Trip2taste, is happy to announce a brand new collaboration with ‘Pyrna’, an NGO cultural organization, operating successfully since 2000 which aims to offer to its members and friends the chance of lifelong learning by participating in a series of cultural and educational activities. Trip2taste team and Pyrna invite you at the [...]

A three day escape at Zagori

Do you have plans for the 28th of October? Join us for a Trip2taste at Zagori Zagori is one of the most strictly protected areas in Greece due to its wild and unspoiled nature and its distinctive traditional architecture. This four day excursion evolves mainly in altitudes ranging from 450 to 1,300 meters. The trip is designed in such a way so that participants appreciate nature, exercise, relax and last but not least enjoy local gastronomy with top quality Greek wines & spirits. [...]