How it all started?

Marina Boutari, 5th Generation of Boutari Winemakers, after working for 18 years at the Boutari Group of companies, mainly in the fields of Marketing, Corporate Communications, HR and Business Development for Wine and Beer, decided to follow her dream and put all of her knowledge, experience, creativity and passion to promote high quality Greek wines and Greek gastronomy through experiences. So, in October 2013 she created Trip2taste.

Marina is very passionate about her work and believes in the power of collaboration and the importance of synergies. All Trip2taste team members and gastronomy partners are highly qualified and experienced professionals with strong theoretical knowledge as well as
 long term practical experience in their field.

Things people said about us

Laughs, games, tastes, aromas, nature, Arctouros, traditional vlach pie, ginger liquer, Vergina, the Wineries, the 23 wines, the vineyards, “Koula of Kyra Yianni”, the horses, the forest, the snow, the kids, the warmth, the hospitality but most of all the great company of the friends of Moraitis alumini. Thank you Trip2taste!
Myrena Hatzivassiliou, Trip2taste at Nymfeo (25–28/10/2014): A four day excursion with good company, brown bears, snow, great food and a lot of very good wine!
This was a truly unique experience for us! The “journey” was far better than we had imagined and we will be eagerly await for your next unforgettable experience scheduled at Metsovo!
Nikos Diamantidis - Vaso Kalfounezou, Kir-Yianni Wine and Cheese Game | Dec.13th 2015
Dear Mrs Boutari,

I would like to thank you on behalf of everybody at Marbella Corfu for your genuine interest and the enthusiasm with which you supported Trip2taste Festival at Marbella.

Trip2taste has created food, wine and olive oil tastings that were fun & educational. Trip2taste Festival at Marbella left us with great memories and a comprehensive food & wine photo gallery to use in the years to come. It has also helped us greatly improve our presence in the Social Media.

It was a great pleasure to have you with us.

Tilemachos Gourzis, General Manager - Marbella Corfu Hotel, Trip2taste Festival at Marbella Corfu (June 2014): A three day food and wine festival at the 5* hotel Marbella Corfu
Thank you for EVERYTHING! It was fabulous and even more fabulous was you “the hostess”. It was a great start for the collaboration of our companies.
Christina Bezantakou, General Manager - Kefi Tours, Trip2taste Experience (September 2015): A full day culinary experience at Papagiannakos winery in Attika with cooking class, tour, wine tasting and special menu for an incentive trip of 75 guests from Mexico.