Taste of Culture is a unique cultural and gastronomic initiative of Trip2taste and Cycladic Art Museum. Aegean Taste has been created for local gastronomy lovers as well as gastro-tourists who are interested in the history of wine and gastronomy and want to explore the tastes and aromas of the Aegean.

Taste of Culture starts with a tailor made tour of “Wine in Antiquity”. Your private guide, a talented archeologist, will show you selected exhibits that reveal the history of wine and its role to the everyday life of ancient Greeks. Basic stops of the tour are: the worship of Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine in Greek Mythology, the production and types of wine in antiquity, the diet of Ancient Greeks and last but not least the ceremonies and the ritual of the Symposium. Taste of Culture reaches its peak with an Aegean Tasting Menu that is paired greatly with awarded wines of Greek winemakers.

Taste of Culture is a unique cultural and gastronomic experience for Greek & international customers and colleagues, for tourists but also for locals.

Please contact us at +30 210 7239791 or at info@trip2taste.com to send you a detailed offer for the specific date and time that interest you.